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So, I know I took forever to upload Episode 33D: My Bloody Valentine 3D but there is a reason, well a couple of reasons, first off I have been kinda busy, doing this and that and not focusing on this, secondly I was finding it difficult to get motivated back into this. But I’ve also been planning some stuff for the future. Just to make myself extra busy. So first off The HorrorPodcast is changing, I’m going to give actual reviews a go, I know crazy right?! Possibly include books, games, TV shows, apps, but you’ll have to wait and see if that transpires.
I am also definately going to upload and update Ye Olde Podcast with the original audio shows, now that I’ve found a suitable host. But that’s not all! I’m also in the process of taking snippets and adding visuals, so you can actually see what we were talking about all those years ago.
There’s also the possibility I will update mini news reports of what future reviews will be, I know I started it once but I might carry it on.
In addition to the usual show, I will also be taking a deeper look into those sequels to horror franchises as cash-ins, coming years after that make no sense or reason for being.
And finally, a new show. Reviewing/Analysing Bargain Bin movies, so these won’t be horror, but anything that I find in the £1 section in shops. Done in a different style so there wont be much of my ugly mug in there.

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