Season 1: Episode 5

So for episode 5 we decided to do a special on the first 3 Hellraiser films.
There’s not much more I can say than that. So there you go.

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Episode 35: Scream Of The Banshee

After Dark Originals hurt my belief in new horror once again with an idea and an awful, PAINFUL! working of the Banshee myth.
It brings back all those cliches of “Don’t do that”, “Don’t go in there”, “She’s going to die next”…
They cross over physical and digital effects when they should have just stuck to the former, and… ah fuck it, it’s just shit.
Buy it here… Scream of the Banshee [DVD]

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Season 1: Episode 4

Still continuing the slow re-upload of the first season, here’s a lovely little entry featuring two additions to the Friday The 13th rip-off collection: Friday The 13th AND not forgetting Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp.
Then after that, don’t get your hopes up too high for Zombie Island Massacre It doesn’t feature any zombie massacring, but they are on an island, with a drug dealer or something.

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Episode 34: Trail Of The Screaming Forehead

So nearly six month since my last one. It hardly seems worth it. It’s not actually, this episode doesn’t have a whole lot going on, I don’t actually know why I recorded it, edited it, and uploaded it. Plus it’s not like any of you watch this, and enjoy the show, I don’t like anything I say in this episode.
Here’s a link to buy the movie Trail of the Screaming Forehead
Stick around for Scream of the Banshee

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Season 1: Episode 3

So here is Episode 3 of the first season, recorded back in February of 2006…
This one features Head Cheerleader Dead Cheerleader, wherein a bunch of Cheerleaders are getting hacked up on Hallowe’en and is terribly boring.
Waxwork 2 – Lost in Time, Billy from Gremlins 1 & 2 – after just defeating the evil waxwork museum the first time – unlocks some special portal thing and is like meant to travel through time but it’s more like famous fictional features. A video spectacular of this review is coming soon so watch this space.
And finally The Dentist 2, one of those cringe worthy horror movies that focus’ on your fear or just your imagination of having your teeth all fucked up and such.

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Season 1: Episode 2

Yeah, so, cos it took me so long I also decided to put up the second episode too…

This features “Howling 7”, The flogging the dead horse end of the franchise feature, set in a dust bowl and not much happening.
“Shredder” snowboarding kids are getting killed off in a myriad of ways all because some skier died because of a snowboarder once or something. Also featuring the classic line to any film “What are you doing I’m not a lesbian”, “Neither am I, I’m just horny”.
And “Vampires Vs Zombies” WTF!? I can’t even, I don’t know, ah fuck it and watch it.

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Season 1: Episode 1

So I finally gone and done it.

Uploaded the first ever Horror Podcast!

Back in January 2006 Martyn Davies and I embarked on what I would later turn to schlock. We decided to make a podcast, and talk about horror films (Does the name of this site make sense now?).

First up we watched Mother’s Day, a Troma film involving hicks, sorority girls and Tommy James and The Shondells playing “I Think We’re Alone Now“. The film was recently remade without any of those things, which upset me.
Then we followed that up with Chillers, A segmented story film, (some of my favourites), wherein 5 people waiting at a bus stop tell each other their nightmares, where they die in weird ways.

So lie back, chill out and get all nostalgic.

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So, I know I took forever to upload Episode 33D: My Bloody Valentine 3D but there is a reason, well a couple of reasons, first off I have been kinda busy, doing this and that and not focusing on this, secondly I was finding it difficult to get motivated back into this. But I’ve also been planning some stuff for the future. Just to make myself extra busy. So first off The HorrorPodcast is changing, I’m going to give actual reviews a go, I know crazy right?! Possibly include books, games, TV shows, apps, but you’ll have to wait and see if that transpires.
I am also definately going to upload and update Ye Olde Podcast with the original audio shows, now that I’ve found a suitable host. But that’s not all! I’m also in the process of taking snippets and adding visuals, so you can actually see what we were talking about all those years ago.
There’s also the possibility I will update mini news reports of what future reviews will be, I know I started it once but I might carry it on.
In addition to the usual show, I will also be taking a deeper look into those sequels to horror franchises as cash-ins, coming years after that make no sense or reason for being.
And finally, a new show. Reviewing/Analysing Bargain Bin movies, so these won’t be horror, but anything that I find in the £1 section in shops. Done in a different style so there wont be much of my ugly mug in there.

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Episode 33D: My Bloody Valentine 3D

Well it’s been a while but has it been worth the wait? I doubt it, I filmed this like back in May but have just been to damn lazy busy to edit it and upload it, but I’ve done it now, I’m not that bothered about it any more, anyway I babble.
Dude kills people in a small mining village on the 10 year anniversary that some other dude killed a load of people. This is a remake of My Bloody Valentine. But obviously they can’t just do a straight remake like everyone else so they make it 3D! Like in the 80’s. So lot’s of pointy things and boobs and bloody spurts in your FACE!
My Bloody Valentine 3D is out now, been out for ages, so long in fact it’s now like £4. And you get funky 3D glasses in the box. SWEET!

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Episode 32: Seconds Apart

And again After Dark Originals have bought out another good call back to classic horror, bringing in the supernatural – although wrapping it in science – as a pair of twins are on a killing spree using telekinetic powers, until one of them falls in love and literally the walls of their world coming crashing down around them as the truth is revealed by an Agent Cooper type cop, who has quit smoking.
Out on Monday, I recommend it to The Omen type fans, who are missing the good old days of horror, now it’s all become slashers and psychological horror. Are the good days returning? After Dark are fronting the revolution.
Seconds Apart available at all good retailers.

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